Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

ROLAND W: When my brother’s now, we got this E in math, and so we had to go to summer school. We went to summer school, we were working, our employer let us off for two hours during the day to go to summer school.  We had to come back, and we had to work two hours over to make it up.  But, coach made us -- well he didn’t make us. We went through all the summer practice, halfbacks and ends got three practices a day in August, in mid-August, okay?  We got through all of that, and then when September came, I think it was the week before, it may have been the week that we was having our first game, Coach called Ron and I into the office, and Coach Bingler was in there too, and they sat down and said, “Woody, got some bad news for you.”  I said, “What’s that, Coach?”  He said, “I found out that you didn’t pass math this last year.”  I said, “You’re right Coach, but we went to summer school and made it up.”  “Well we don’t have that record.”  I said, “Wait a minute,” I started to walk out the office, and he said, “Wait, wait, wait, hold, hold, hold, we’re just joking.”  Bingler just cracked up, he thought that was the funniest thing, so Coach had a sense of humor.  I said, “Coach, that was not nice.”  I said, “That’s not nice, you wait ‘til we go through all this work, and then you’re gonna tell us we’re not gonna play?”