Garwin DeBerry headshot

Garwin DeBerry

Lane High School, Burley High School, and Charlottesville High School


Garwin DeBerry, born in May, 1947, was 13 years old when admitted to 8th grade at Lane High School. Upon arrival at Lane in 1960, he was told that he could not play in the band and a little later he was told he could not play football, either. Lane’s administrators blame his race for the decision. He returned to Burley High School, played on the varsity football team and won an athletics scholarship from Virginia State College. From a very young age, he knew he wanted to be an athletic coach. And where did he end up? As head coach at Charlottesville High School (formerly known as Lane High School)—the school that wouldn’t let him play—where he served as head coach for 28 years.

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