Nathaniel Garland

Nathaniel Garland


And the name of the school is Terry Elementary.

Phyllis Leffler:  Terry?

Nathaniel Garland:  T-E-R-R-Y.

Phyllis Leffler:  Thank you, uh-huh.

Nathaniel Garland: And when you’re coming across to me from Central Bridge coming up, just as you get to Ivy, you hang a right -- it’s at a angle -- and then you take a right at that road.  And it goes up, and there sits a two-room schoolhouse.  That’s good stuff.  I’m talking about wood stove, pump outside, bathrooms down yonder.  And it was pretty funny because what happened was my older brother’s five years older, so I went up to the bus with him one day, and I got on the bus.  I wasn’t supposed to, but I did anyway, and nobody worried about it.  “Sit down!” So we get to school, walk in, and the lady said, “Who do we have here?”  I told her what my name was.  She looked at me, and she says, “Can you read and write?”  I said, “Yes, ma’am.”  She said, “Show me.  Go to the board.  Put your ABCs up,” and I did it.  My birthday, because it’s September the 22, I would’ve waited until the next year to attend. Her name was Miss Perry.  She said, “We’re going to keep you,” and that’s how I went to school.