Peyton Humphrey headshot

Peyton Humphrey

Venable Elementary School, Johnson Elementary School, Lane High School

So, you did six period classes and if your first period class — in my case it was physics — you had all five hours for the week in one day.  And we met — our physics was at the Greek Orthodox Church which was on Perry Drive — still there.  And then I think I had a history class and that was at the Elks’ Lodge up on High Street -- which is now the J.D. Corp, I think it is.  But that was the Elk’s Lodge.  So I had history there.  Other classes in different buildings, but you had five hours of class.  Now, if you had the study hall, which are the one class you were supposed to be studying — as I remember you didn’t show up anywhere that day.  You didn’t have to go anywhere and be accounted for that day, which was not a good idea for 16 year olds.