Peyton Humphrey headshot

Peyton Humphrey

Venable Elementary School, Johnson Elementary School, Lane High School

Not really, you know, I mean you just didn’t associate with them — with Blacks.  I did have a — going from memory here — I did have a paper boy who was Black and his last name was Shackleford — I think his name was Willie Shackleford and he was — he had an older brother who played on the football team in Burley.  And Willie would bring us tickets because we would — my dad and I would go over to the Burley football games because Burley was 8 and 0 and Lane High School was perhaps 0 and 8 at that point in time.  So, I can remember — sometimes Willie would, when he’d finish his paper route, we’d have football games in the backyard so that was really my total association with Blacks growing up.