Donald Byers

Donald Byers

Jackson P. Burley High School

Phyllis Leffler: I really would love to hear you describe what those one-room schools were like.  I know that’s not the major focus of our project but we have -- 

Donald Byers: Well -- 

Phyllis Leffler: -- already talked to many people who -- 

Donald Byers: -- they were crowded.  And I’m trying to remember because like I said, that’s a long time ago.

Phyllis Leffler: Sure.

Donald Byers: But we did everything.  We had classes, we had recesses, we had eating periods, and...  I guess at that particular time, you didn’t realize there was a lot of turmoil because of the size -- of all the kids there, and sometimes you only had one teacher for the whole school or some-- and or sometimes two.  So it was a lot going on, but at that age, it -- we were kids, so it didn’t faze us a bit.

Phyllis Leffler: It was just the way it was, it was -- 

Donald Byers: That’s just the way it was, that’s right.