Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

Roland W: And my grandma had this swing on the porch. And 8th, on the corner of 8th and Anderson when the trees are bare, you could look all the way down 8th Street to [Johnson Funeral Home?].  My grandmother knew everything going on on the block, and we would sit and swing, put it in the middle, and talk.  She said, “Aren’t y’all supposed to be in school?”  We said, “Yeah grandma, we were sitting there in study hall, wasn’t nothing happen, so we got to thinking about you, so we thought we’d come down and see what you were doing.”  She said, “You know that’s not right.”  I said, “Yeah grandma, you’re right, but anyway, we’re here.” We could tell my grandmother anything. She would not tell our parents. Whatever we told grandma, she kept it.

RONALD W: And you didn’t hit any of her grandkids in front of her.  You will not get a spanking, as long as you are in her sight.  Don’t you hit that child.