George Foussekis headshot

George Foussekis

McGuffey Elementary School, Lane High School

So, but George was the first, first African-American that actually played sports at Lane High School, I think.  And I remember him, of course, Gene and myself were captains, so we were a little bit cognizant of some things that could go wrong, so I remember watching him, and I gained a lot of respect for him, because he wasn’t that big.  He was probably five-nine, maybe 170 pounds, but he was tough.  Oh, he was tough as nails, and he had great effort.  And he became part of the family really quick, and we took care of one another.  And we didn’t care about race or color, only if you could help the football team win.  And actually George became a good friend.  We still email occasionally.  He still lives here in Charlottesville, but if it hadn’t been for sports, we wouldn’t have had the friendship, so.