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Chip German

Albemarle High School

She would take me to different places.  And one of the places that we went was to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Unitarian Church up on Rugby, and that was definitely a place where she and I both felt more comfortable, and it put me in the context of some of the mainstream of what was happening in the Civil Rights movement at the time, because there were Civil Rights people, activists, who would come through and be at the church for services, and the church welcomed them and encouraged conversation with them.  And one of the things that absolutely stuck in my mind was, a week before, or one or two weeks before James Reed -- that name sticks in my mind as a victim of violence in the Civil Rights movement, who I believe was a Unitarian minister himself, came and spoke at the Unitarian church, and then went and died in the South.

Phyllis Leffler: Black Sunday, I think it was called, yeah.

Chip German: Yeah.  Yeah.