Andy Minton Headshot

Andy Minton

Albemarle High School

To see Jerry Kunstler — or Jerry Rubin and Kunstler and the Chicago Seven come to Charlottesville and threaten to burn down Carr’s Hill.  They had sit-ins in front of University Hall, also down on Emmet Street and University Avenue.  We were forbidden as athletes to participate in anything, or they threatened us with taking our scholarships.  But about 15 of us were standing over near the chapel when they were having a sit-in in front of the Rotunda, in the street.  Busses started pulling up with National Guardsmen.  And you’d see a student jump over the wall and run by us, and then another one, and then five.  And we thought — and then all of a sudden, everyone was coming over.  So we ended up running around the rotunda and down the lawn, and barricaded ourselves in one of the senior’s rooms on the lawn, because they were kicking doors in and dragging them off and arresting them.  I can’t remember, a hundred and something were arrested that night.  They weren’t going to get in that room, we had so much beef against that door.  But it was, like, what just happened?  I mean, the whole atmosphere in Virginia changed.