James Bryant headshot

James Bryant

Jefferson Elementary School, McGuffey Elementary School, Walker Elementary School, Lane High School

We would leave Lane High School, and we would coordinate the meetings.  So it wasn’t like it was random, we would coordinate, so we’re going to meet at such-and-such, and we’re going to walk out.  Some kids were a little afraid to walk out because of their parents, so we didn’t pressure anybody to walk out.  And we would quietly line up, walk up Preston Avenue to the old Trinity Church here at the top of 10th and Grady, and that’s where we would have our meetings.  And usually the late Reverend Henry Mitchell, he would be there to receive us and listen to us as we aired our grievances about how we were being treated at Lane High School, and some of the changes that we wanted to happen, and we did that on several occasions.  So that was the meeting place, the old Trinity Church.  And it was organized, we weren’t screaming and hollering and cursing and using profanity.  We quietly, peacefully walked up to Trinity, and we just left school.