Chip German Headshot

Chip German

Albemarle High School

The second movie that I remember that I saw in the Paramount was Dr. Zhivago.  And when I saw Dr. Zhivago in the Paramount, the movie was really affecting me in many ways.  But what I remember years later is not the plot.  I remember recognizing for the first time that Black patrons of the theater entered from the side and sat in the balcony.  I didn’t recognize that to be what it was as overtly -- I was sensitized by that time, by my own evolving thinking.  And when I saw that, I just thought, that is the stupidest thing.  I don’t understand.  And because I was seeing what was happening around the country, I was thinking, you know, this should be easier for us in this town, we get along better.  Why can’t we make those changes easier, or faster?