Larry Kent

Larry Kent


I don’t recall ever getting together with a mixed group to go out to dinner.  Let’s go --

Phyllis Leffler:  To the movies.

Larry Kent:  -- and in my experience, the lunchroom was pretty segregated.  I mean, not through any “Whites Only” signs or anything like that, but white kids sat with other white kids.  And the black kids sat with other black kids.  [00:35:00] I don’t know how that would feel from the other side of the room.  It feels -- now I just can see what you’d call, white privilege or whatever.  It wasn’t a problem for me.

Phyllis Leffler:  Clearly.  Clearly. 

Larry Kent:  I don’t know if I didn’t notice because I was just oblivious or I don’t know what.  But I’m aware that that was the situation.