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David Wyant

Albemarle High School

They had a lot of resistance in Charlottesville. I remember that because I remember they closed the schools and all that.  And that’s when, if I’m correct, Rock Hill was created.  And I didn’t think that was right.  I mean, I’m sorry that was my -- we all go to school and everything like that.  But you realize too they had Albemarle Training School back then.  And one of the fellows up at the store, I talked to him a lot about it.  Two of Black guys come up here to the store because I want to know their experiences and how they were.  They lived up here and went all the way down there to Albemarle Training School, which if you -- and I’ll tell you, it’s across from Four Seasons right down.  And I want them to show me that building.  They tore it down, but he thinks that maybe the front wall is still left away of where he went to Albemarle Training.  So, one day, I want to go down with one of the two and see that because see where Four Seasons was, was a golf course.  Most people didn’t remember it.  When I get talking about it and everything, I said, “That was a golf course right across the way.”  And they used to ride a bus.  Mr. Barber and there was one more would take the Black kids from here and, I think, over at Greenwood and bus them all the way down to the Albemarle Training School.  I didn’t even know the training school was there when I was a kid growing up.  And I rode by it on a bicycle to go play ball