Vincent Kinney headshot

Vincent Kinney

Keswick Elementary School, Burley, and Albemarle High School

I had traveled with the band at Burley but didn’t travel with the band at Albemarle, and it comes from the discussion that you just talked about. There was this concern about students being together, and my guess is a less controlled environment away from the school, going on in buses together. The whole time I was at Albemarle, the students rode a separate bus. The bus picked up the students down in my community, the Black students, went to Burley, dropped off all the other students, and then made a special trip out to Albemarle. They were not on the bus together. I didn’t ride the bus. I had bought my first car that summer at the age of — I’d just turned 17, and so I drove to school. I went to school as I was going to go the rest of the year. The first day and every day, I drove my car.