Steve Helvin headshot

Steve Helvin

Lane High School

I never played against a Black athlete on high school or college level until I got to Hampden-Sydney. And John Hopkins had an end — very good ball player — who was Black and nobody cared. We weren’t Penn State or Notre Dame but we had, you know — we played Davidson and Washington and Lee — schools like that. And there were people that were upset when Hopkins came and we’re going, “Are you kidding me?” You know, nobody cared about — but that’s — no, there wasn’t — I never played with — when I was in law school I played rugby just to do something — until the dean told me he was going to throw me out if I got my leg broken. But there were kids from MCV that we played with each other and there were a lot of Black students from South Africa and we played together. It just—it was just fine once we did it. But yeah, I mean, there was no problem — we had no problem. We didn’t win a lot, but we had no problem.