Vincent Kinney headshot

Vincent Kinney

Keswick Elementary School, Burley, and Albemarle High School

I wanted it to happen. I knew that it needed to happen. I knew that. I had come to understand by then that education couldn’t be separate and equal. As in most things, separate and equal wasn’t working, didn’t work. It made no sense. Separate is inherently unequal. Otherwise, why separate? So, I felt that I could go and do that. At another level, I didn’t understand why I thought that I could do that. My personality was such that I didn’t take the lead in things like at school or social activities or civic activities. It just wasn’t who I was. But I knew that I was one of the better students in the county, so it wasn’t about personally my education, making sure that I got a better education. It was almost too late for me, going my senior year, but the bigger good, the greater good, I could take a part in for those who were coming along after me, make a difference perhaps.