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Steve Helvin

Lane High School

When we went to the church schools and the basement schools and all that, the schools were still integrated [sic: segregated]. When I went to Rock Hill, the Black schools were open, the integrated school was open — not very much integrated, but integrated — and Rock Hill was — so everybody had a choice and nobody seemed to, you know — there was no — the tension wasn’t there. Maybe it should have been, but it wasn’t there. And it was only when I got to college that I started seeing just how ridiculous it was. In Prince Edward County there was a drive-in theater. In Charlottesville, you know, you had a balcony — the Blacks had to sit balcony, had a separate door going in the Paramount. And it just — but anyway — in Prince Edward County, they had a drive-in theater. You’d go in a car and watch a movie. They had a line drawn down the middle of the lot — White, Colored. Sitting in a car. That was the most ridiculous thing I ever...