Darlene Quarles headshot

Darlene Quarles Robinson

Rose Hill Elementary School, Stone Robinson Elementary, Jack Jouett Junior High School, Albemarle High School

Baseball.  Cismont Braves.  I remember attending one of those games.  Because we called it The Center.  I don’t know what that road is called now.  Cismont Road, you would go down there, and I think that’s where the school used to be, the old Black school.  They had a field where the guys played baseball and I think the women had a softball team.  They were good too.  They were really good.  My dad always said a couple of the players that played baseball had it been a different time, they could’ve been professional players.  But yeah, I do remember that, going to The Center.  But it wasn’t something that we did every week.  It was just that one time that I remember attending a game down there.  I’m sure for the community and the people that were around, that was a good social outlet.  Yeah, I do remember the Cismont Braves.  I remember that.