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Kent Merritt

Lane High School

The only thing that I really remember, because I was only like 10 years old, I think, was that there was a sadness, kind of, with regard to that coming down.  Like I was saying before, that was our downtown, and it was no more, so there was kind of a — you miss something.  It was something that was gone that we were accustomed to.  That’s the only feeling that I can remember regarding that.  It was just something that we were accustomed to, it’s just no longer there.  And we didn’t know what would replace it.  I mean, we didn’t go anywhere else in Charlottesville, to be honest with — that was our downtown.  So, as a kid, I didn’t know what we were going to do, of course.  So, there was just kind of a sadness and a sense of kind of “what do we do now?” type thing.