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Steve Runkle

Lane High School

I thought that, but I can’t swear absolutely, that I met with — or that there was a group of people, four or five, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t — not that I was in when the conversations were made.  I don’t think there would have been any more than three or four people at the most that I would recall.  My sense was, and what I was trying to convey the last time we talked about it was, that they thought maybe the athletes would have a — particularly some of the senior folks, would have the ability to at least say leave that person alone, yeah, that kind of thing.  But after seeing that, that’s why I said what I said when you first got here, that I’m pretty sure that either it might not have been a formal meeting, but I thought I had talked with the — but I can’t swear that I did that.  But nevertheless, I know I personally, and I’m sure at least some of the other people felt like, that we ought to be protective of if there were some things going on that shouldn’t be going on, we ought to at least do what we could to stop that.  I did a few times tell people, hey, just cool it, don’t — but it wasn’t like I pinned them down and did anything.  It was very traumatic for the poor kids that were there.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that position, I can tell you that.