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Tom Stargell

Scottsville School

There’s 110 percent truth to that.  I mean, it wasn’t to the extreme of Texas high school football, but it was very close.  Friday nights — and this was true with girls sports as well as boys — the gym was packed.  Everybody around was there, and why they would want to come and root for us, because we got beat more than we ever won by a large percentage, but they were there.  It was seeing your own perform, and yes.  For years, there was a little soda shop, very clean, very nice, and that place was packed every night after ball games.  And also, yeah, there were parents that would come there and get a Coke after the game or something like that.  I mean, you didn’t — well, most people went directly home — but you didn’t have to.  The lights were on after 8 o’clock at night down here, and my whole time coming home from college, that was not true.  There was nothing going on here.  There was no reason to come to Scottsville after dark.  There was really not a whole lot of reason to come (laughs) to Scottsville for us during the day.  Nobody was here.  There was nothing going on.