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David Wyant

Albemarle High School

No.  I didn’t go to Burley, but I remember my daddy talk about going to Burley.  Back when I was growing up, I listened to Lane High School on the radio.  And they couldn’t beat their sister (inaudible) back then, and I’d turn that thing off.  But daddy said, “If you really want to see good football, you go to Burley.”  And so a lot of folks around town used to go to the Burley Bears game on Friday night.  Now, later on, I got to meet a bunch of those guys because I played in the Sunday Black baseball league.  I was the only white fellow on the team, but they became real good friends of mine and everything.  And they’d tell me stuff about what went on with the Burley Bears and stuff, so I’ve learned from talking to people because I’m fascinated by the history of that and what (inaudible) back then.  Hardly be anybody at Lane.  Everybody would be over at Burley.