Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

ROLAND W: We started in the seventh grade.

RONALD W: In the seventh grade.  After Mrs. Jamison tutored us for, I guess the first half of the school year, the second half of the school year we were all bunched together.

PHYLLIS LEFFLER:  What do you mean?

RONALD W: Little building, it was grades one through six, we were in a building, it used to be the superintendent’s building, it’s right on the playground area of Venable Elementary School.  The building is still there.  I forget what they use it for now.  And then I think there was two high school students, Johnny Martin.

ROLAND W: And Olivia Ferguson.

RONALD W: Yeah, there was another room off to the side, it was only like two rooms there.