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Lloyd Snook

Venable School, Lane High School

But in talking with some of my Black friends, they would tell me about how they were feeling basically disrespected by the teachers.  There were a couple of teachers who had really made no secret of the fact that they weren’t happy about all of this.  Unfortunately, those were often the teachers who were dealing most with the kids who were, let’s say, we have a couple of problems here.  Problem number one is that most of the Black kids who were brought into Lane were immediately diverted into what I’ll term less-academic tracks.  There were very few of them who were put into what we would now think of as honors classes.  In my classes, for example, we had maybe one, two, three Black kids, period, per class.  So most of them were going into the classes where they would learn typing and things like that.  And one of the typing teachers, Virginia Bowen, was just really nasty to the Black kids in her class.  And that’s the kind of thing that I would hear about.