Veronica Jones headshot

Veronica Jones

Jefferson, McGuffey, Venable, Walker, Burley, Lane.

A teacher threw an eraser at me, across my ear, so I picked up the eraser and I said, I forgot her name, I said, “Did you throw this eraser at me?”  She said, “Yes.”  She was white, and I was Black.  I said, “No you didn’t throw this eraser at me, did you?”  She said, “Yes.”  So I went up to the front, I picked her up, put her over my shoulder, and put her in the closet, and stood behind the closet and dared anybody to move.  Well somebody decided to get out and go.  So the principal came, and he said — or it was she, she said, “Veronica, you need to let that teacher out of there.”  I said, “I’m not, she need to apologize, she threw an eraser at me, and I wasn’t the only student that was talking, or out of their seat.”  So, I let her out.