Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

RONALD W: I guess, okay, some treated you fairly.  Some just tolerated you.  Like we had a math teacher, and I knew she did not like black students, cause she gave everybody, all the black students at that time, they gave us an E, which is considered conditional failure, so we had to go to summer school to make that grade up.  So we went from an E to a D, so that was a passing grade. But, years later --

ROLAND W: I got a B.

RONALD W: Well, but anyway, I can’t remember, but I know we got an E cause we had to go to summer school for that class.  But anyway, she was still teaching after we left, and she did the black students the same way, gave ‘em Es.

ROLAND W: Cause I had a cousin and he said, and he’s a few years younger than we are, and we got to talking, and he said something about this lady, I said, she’s still a teacher?  I said, she was old when we had her.

RONALD W: That’s right, old and decrepit when we were there.

ROLAND W:  When we had her.  And she’s still teaching?  He said yeah, and he said, (inaudible) the same thing, and this like, at least a decade later.