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David Wyant

Albemarle High School

Well, it didn’t bother me as much as the numbers coming, but I’ve always been worried about the loss of history of things.  One of the ladies at our church, she’s passed away, was a Black lady that lived down Rose Hill Drive and everything.  And my daddy carried mail at Vinegar Hill.  And knowing from engineering how the evolution and how cities grow, and, eventually, they become the slums and then it becomes the commercial.  How do we keep that history?  I’m doing the same thing here in Whitehall with what I’ve got here.  That’s the only reason I bought my great grandparent’s house from our uncle, and I got our store.  And I got all the other property of the Wyants, not to be a land bearer, but I want to keep the history.  I got a lot of -- I was telling my daughter-in-law this morning, I got a lot of history up here.  Most people don’t even know about, but I want to maintain that.  So here was at Burley, here becomes a big building, that was a great school.  How do we keep that history?  Not that we had the kids come in.  I did learn a little bit more about the transition from how you take teachers and bring them in.  That was an issue that -- I keep thinking back on what Mr. Cale had to face as a superintendent.   How do you merge these together and everything?