William Redd headshot

William Redd

Jefferson Elementary School, Burley High School

Perfect example.  One last one.  Up on Main Street there was this little shop.  The man Ed Jackson that owned it.  Jackson on the poster advertisement.  He was going to do some work in the shop right down on Main Street.  So I was to go down there in the truck.  So I pulled down there and parked in the — put a nickel in the meter.  But the people hadn’t come to open the door to the place.  So it had a little stoop up from the sidewalk to go into it.  So I’m just sitting there waiting because it was summertime.  You know how.  I’m just sitting there waiting for him.  And all of a sudden guy pull up, “You can’t sit there, get up.”  So I get up and walked over and get in and sat in the truck.  He says, “Is this your truck?”  I said, “Yeah.”  Then he never said, “Well, I’m sorry,” or anything.  He just turned around and walked away.  Intimidation.  Things like that happened all the time.