Dickie Tayloe headshot

Dickie Tayloe

Lane High School

I always felt with — and I guess it’s just because of Burley, I felt things were pretty equal.  I always felt Burley was a better school because the Blacks I knew there would say, “Hey, we’re a lot better than you guys.  Name where you’re better than we are?  Certainly, not in sports, not in band, not in music.”  It was hard — you just, okay, I give up.  I surrender.  You’re right.  You do have the best football team.  And they were kids, Black kids, that wanted to go to Burley from all over state.  In fact, I’m not sure they didn’t recruit from some areas.  They wouldn’t have called it that then, but I’m not sure kids came here to play for the football coach at Burley because he built a — I mean, that team was good for years.  The whole time that Burley was open, their football team was outstanding.  They probably wasn’t as good as it was the years that I remember.  I remember hearing the stat people in the stands when Burley got a first, the center would come out of the huddle and do a flip and end up right over the ball.  And they’d cheer.  And I remember one of the Black guys next to me saying, “Watch it when they come out of the huddle.”  I said, “What?  What?”  He said, “He’ll do a flip.  The center will do flip.  He’ll end up — he’s a gymnast as well.  And then he ends up right over the ball, snaps it on a quick count or something.  It was a show.  He put on a show.