Robert King headshot

Robert King

Jefferson Elementary School, Venable Elementary School, Lane High School

You know, I went to Burley.  Early on everything I thought I was going to be in line to go to Burley.  But you know, and I would go down to those games and it would be standing room only.  And you don’t win at Burley.  Because something was going to happen to your bus or something was going to happen to something of yours on your way out of town. Burley, you know, they ruled.  They ruled the football field.  And it was an awesome school.  But, you know, I knew that those times had come to an end.  We had to move on and do things right.  Integrate schools.  And so I didn’t feel that missing.  Lane took that, when they won state championship, people would fill that field up.  I mean it was unusual for such a high school, it was only around the circle of the track.  There were people standing two and three deep.  Because there was no seats in the stands.  It was the happening in Charlottesville.