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Wade Tremblay

Lane High School, Fork Union Military Academy, Albemarle High School

Yeah, there was some conversation at the time about Burley.  What I remember most is people talking about a) the marching band and b) the football team.  The marching band was thought to be top drawer, absolutely.  These guys had the style, which was perfected by Black marching bands at the time with the I guess it’s the drum major leading it with the head way back.  And I mean high-stepping.  They had style.  I think I only saw them in action once, but I remember that I agreed they had style.  I didn’t know much about the athletics there, but there were stories about Roosevelt Brown and the other folks that played on those teams.  I really didn’t know till later about the year they were setting a record which I guess can never be surpassed if you’re undefeated, untied, and unscored upon.  How do you improve on that?