Frankie Allen headshot

Frankie Allen

Venable School, Lane High School, Albemarle High School

You couldn’t play sports, and they had an eighth-grade team, so I didn’t play sports in the eighth grade.  And I thought that was going to be my opportunity to go to Burley, and my father was, “Well, if he can’t play sports,” and my brother had gone there, whatever.  I thought, “This may be my opportunity to transfer over to Burley,” but the eighth-grade year, I remember playing at the Carver Recreation Center because they had like a league down there, and we played, and it was just good.  So, I played basketball, and it probably helped me a little bit because we were playing against better competition and all that.  So, basically, after my eighth-grade year, it was said that the Black kids could participate in sports, and that wasn’t easy.