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Steve Helvin

Lane High School

I wish I could remember the names of these people because they deserve quite a bit of credit. I didn’t pay much attention to it. There was a guy named Tom Mickey who was a federal judge here who started to push towards integrating the schools. And along with that — because Charlottesville — was so wonderful a place to live in because there’s so many people — like you who are academics that choose this place to live in — they were pretty prepared. And there was no uproar because what could you complain about? That was the thing that we all — I’m sorry about your microphone — that was the thing that we all needed to know. If you didn’t like what’s happening, you could go to any school you wanted — just choose and shut up — go! That was the way it was more or less put to us. It was — there’s no reason to be upset. Of course, there was but we were oblivious.