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Chip German

Albemarle High School

So the cheerleaders at Burley, if I have the details correct, had been selected for the following year in their normal process before they left Burley, before Burley closed.  So there was a group of people who would have been cheerleaders, if Burley had been open the next year.  And then there was the Albemarle High School white cheerleader process, which had done the same thing; apparently in the spring they do it before they make the selection before they come into the following school year.  And I began to hear that there were -- among the things that nobody had sorted out was how you were going to combine the cheerleading squads between the two schools.  And the decision was made that all of the Albemarle cheerleaders would be cheerleaders, and that, again, my recollection of the details could have gotten cloudy over the years, but I’m hoping this is pretty close to accurate -- but they would open a couple of spots for competition for Black cheerleaders to join the Albemarle High School cheerleading squad.  That made no sense to me, just on the face of it.  And the kids who were talking about it, it didn’t make sense to them, either.  And I said -- I remember saying on the bus, why didn’t they just say for this year, we’re going to have double the number of cheerleaders, and we’re going to have both squads cheer at the games together.