Darlene Quarles headshot

Darlene Quarles Robinson

Rose Hill Elementary School, Stone Robinson Elementary, Jack Jouett Junior High School, Albemarle High School

Darlene Quarles Robinson: No one did — no.  I can honestly say, no one said or did anything to me to draw attention to the fact that I was a Black cheerleader, that I was Black or maybe that I didn’t belong there.  I did not get that from anyone.  

Phyllis Leffler: Well, that’s good to hear.  

Darlene Quarles Robinson: As I said, and I’m going to be quite honest, I think it’s because they had gotten used to me.  I was in a lot of classes, like I said, where I was one, maybe two, so they were used to me.  I was considered a smart girl.  

Phyllis Leffler: And you didn’t make waves.  

Darlene Quarles Robinson: I didn’t make waves.  I didn’t bother anyone.  I tried to treat everyone the same way, whether they were Black or white.