Jim Blackburn headshot

Jim Blackburn

Albemarle High School

I don’t remember any officials that were saying anything.  And I think the response that I would’ve had, or the friends that I knew, they would’ve said, “Well, that’s ridiculous to stop having sports, or dances, or anything else because the possibility of having some racial conflict occur.”  I mean, we would’ve dismissed that out of hand.  And in fact, I can remember — it just came to my mind when you mentioned dances — I can remember some Black students at dances.  And I loved to dance.  They were the best dancers, and I was always over there dancing with them.  So, the idea of not having dances or not having anything extracurricular because of the potential for problems is just — that rocks me back.  If they had made that rule, I think the students would’ve been up in arms.  I really do.