Mark and Nancy Tramontin

Mark and Nancy Tramontin


Mark Tramontin: Dad was going to be taken -- he had the support of the VEA and the NEA which is the National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association -- and they were supporting him.  I forget who was going to take him -- file a lawsuit against him.  Anyway, he knew it was coming.

Phyllis Leffler:  There was a lawsuit against him personally?

Mark Tramontin:  Yeah.  And I have no other explanation on where that ended up going, but I do remember this -- he was supposed to get served papers, and every year, we always did one trip to my grandparents who lived in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  And my dad would drive -- in fact, he would drive from here to Chicago in one day -- or here to Milwaukee in one day -- and then we’d go up to Iron Mountain.  And he knew this subpoena was coming, and he was afraid it was going to get served the next morning -- do you remember this?

Nancy Tramontin:  Yeah, absolutely.

Mark Tramontin:  So we all took baths at three o’clock in the morning, mom packed a lunch and everything, so we could get out of the town in the dark before the subpoena could be served.

Nancy Tramontin:  And I remember it as a longer period of time than that -- that we weren’t like allowed to go outside of the house --

Mark Tramontin:  No, we weren’t.

Nancy Tramontin: -- we had to just hide out.  Dad, I think, was probably still going to work, but for at least a couple of days, we were all kind of hiding out.  And then, like Mark said, we got in the car and just drove up to Iron Mountain.  And I don’t know if that affidavit was ever served or not, but --

Mark Tramontin:  I don’t remember if it was either.