Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

ROLAND W: Yes.  Well let’s put it this way.  Mom, forgive me, but I asked her, I said, well how come we gotta go to Lane? That’s when she told me, we were still involved in the lawsuit.  I’m still the, I still have doubts about that, but anyway.

RONALD W: And you think maybe she just wanted you to have that educational advantage that people at least thought Lane provided?

ROLAND W: Yeah, and I don’t fault her for that.  In fact, I think we benefit from that. Because, we got good grades at Burley, but I had to put forth more effort to get the same type of grades at Lane. Now why was that, I don’t know. Just had to be more focused.  And I think that helped us, not only in sports, but going forward, when I got to college, and I got my jobs.  The last job I had, I went to the interview, and my director that hired me said the one thing that stood out in my interview from my previous supervisors was my work ethic.  And where did that come from?  Being in high school, playing sports, being a team member.  So, it’s a lot of benefits that came from that experience.