Roland and Ronald Woodfolk

Jefferson Elementary, Venable Elementary, Burley High School, Lane High School

PHYLLIS LEFFLER:  I think both of you at different times have said, you think that race relations is worse today than it was when you were growing up, and I wondered if you would just care to talk about that.

ROLAND W: I think it’s more overt now.  People have -- people, they express themselves and let you know how it is.  Back in our day, it was more inert.  You knew it, but they didn’t --

RONALD W: They thought it, but they didn’t say it.

ROLAND W: They didn’t say it, they didn’t act out.  Now people act out.

RONALD W: For no reason at all.

ROLAND W: For no reason at all, you know.

RONALD W: People don’t mind getting out of their lane, getting into your face and tell you about things that really, it’s none of their concern.  You know, and I know why, because now somebody that was in the Oval Office made it okay, you know, it’s okay to do that.  And it set the world back, at least this country back, quite a few times.  But we ain’t going back.  Things that were tolerated back in my day, is not gonna be tolerated today.  It’s a new generation of people and youth that’s not gonna take that.  Not that we took it, because -- I remember my mom used to say, people knew how to act. You’re not gonna jump up in my face for some foolishness.  If you do, back in my day, if you did, you won’t be there long.