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Kent Merritt

Lane High School

I think that as I was saying before, as we get older I think that we would like more of a historical record written down about our experiences in going to UVA and that whole process.  I was kind of surprised to find out — well, I was contacted by a football player.  He’s since graduated.  And he wanted to talk to me about it because he knew nothing about us.  He said by happenstance he ran across an article or some information that talked about the first Blacks that integrated the program at UVA.  But it was just by happenstance.  It shouldn’t be by happenstance.  We’re part of the historical record of the University of Virginia.  So he shouldn’t have to search those things out.  I think that it should — I mean we’re not promoting ourselves.  We just recognize that we’re a part of that history.  And I think it’s important for those kids.  Now, I was very impressed this kid sought us out.  That just let me know that this information is important to these young kids.  They need to know this stuff.  So I think more of an effort needs to be made to write these things down so that kids can come along and read about it and be enlightened by it.  Because otherwise they would think that we had no part in developing UVA or being a part of UVA.