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Lloyd Snook

Venable School, Lane High School

There was also a move in my junior year, ’68–’69 year, to radically change the way that student government ran.  And how people were elected to be on the SCA, student council.  And at one point, we wound up basically saying, if you want to be on the SCA, come be on the SCA.  It’s not even a question of getting elected.  Just come.  And the idea being, if you care enough, we want you.  And that was a major thing, too, because again, any time you’ve got a majority group that is trying to elect only one person, you’re only going to elect a member of the majority group.  And so the SCA, our first year, was basically entirely white.  And by the second year, it had essentially tripled in size.  And anybody who wanted to come could come.  And that was an opportunity for folks to air grievances, to talk about some of these things openly, and not only through the student council, but then that also dovetailed with the Unity Weekend thing that we were doing in November and provided an outlet for a lot of that sort of discussion.  That was also, I think, around the time that the Lane Times folks started thinking, gee, we need to loosen up a little bit on what we’re covering.  And that may be why they decided they could tolerate a column from me from time to time.