Lloyd Snook headshot

Lloyd Snook

Venable School, Lane High School

You know, there were a lot of folks who were expressing frustration with what they perceived as the derangement of the natural order.  And that’s what they wanted to go back to.  And if they couldn’t go back all the way to sending the Black kids back to Burley, let’s at least make it so we don’t have to interact with them as much.  And then we won’t be wanting to fight with them so much.  That was a lot of the tenor of it, was a sense of, there was always this undercurrent of, within certain circles, of you’re just one hard block in the tenth-grade gym class away from having some kind of a fight.  I remember at least one instance, again, this rec league basketball, of an all-white team playing basically an all-Black team.  And at some point, one of the White guys ends up on the floor with one of the Black kids just beating on him.  Deservedly, I hasten to add, as one who observed the events.  The White guy was, I still know all these people.  And I don’t know how they are right now, but back then, there was a lot of ugliness going on.  And that was just reality.