Byrd Leavell headshot

Byrd Leavell

Venable School, Lane High School

Large hallway, it was like a Gatlin line.  And so, you got to your group that you’re comfortable with, but there was your group, and maybe the athletics, and then there’d be the guys on motorcycles, and there’d be the Black groups.  And so, I don’t remember the fights.  I remember you were always watching where you were going.  And what’s amazing to me is that things went on, and here I was, I was captain of the football team, I never went into the men’s bathroom the entire time of high school.  I didn’t want to go in there.  I was scared of what I’d run into.  So, I could do my business during gym, but I went to the restroom, because I didn’t know, would there be pot or trouble, or something in there.  So, there was that tension going on, but it was just high school, and I realized, “All right, I’m a smart kid.  I’ll stay out of trouble.”  Or you knew where to and not to go.  So, it was there.  I don’t remember any instances, but for some reason, I was wary.