George Foussekis headshot

George Foussekis

McGuffey Elementary School, Lane High School

I think they were handling things a little different back then, because I remember the first year, I think it was just like four people came in, and then the following year, maybe four people came in.  So they were gradually, you know, bringing transfers in from Burley, which I think was smart.  And I was gone at the time.  I think I was at Tech.  But I think in ’67, I heard that that’s when they closed Burley down, and it was a mass transfer in, and I think there was some tension there, because I think Burley wanted their own school, which I can understand, and same thing with Lane, so there was a little bit of friction, but when I was there, there was no friction.  If there was any negativity, it basically came from the parents, because of the generational thing, more than the students.  I mean, George King, I mean, he was part of the family.  I mean, you didn’t see race or color.  Really didn’t.