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Rod Gentry

Venable School, Lane High School

We were in Lane and they razed Vinegar Hill.  And I remember there was some conversation about that, the fact that all these people are going to be displaced and they’re going to Garrett Street, if I recall correctly.  And there was conversation about that and there was unrest around that in Charlottesville.  And also they closed Lane High School because a population of rats invaded the high school when Vinegar Hill was razed.  So I’m assuming those rats were part of all the poverty that was on that hillside.  And I mean, it was all a predominantly, I think a slum landlord situation where people were living there and they didn’t own where they were living.  Somebody else owned it.  They paid them rent and I’m sure they paid them too much rent, but when they tore all of that down there was an influx in Lane High School.