Rod Gentry headshot

Rod Gentry

Venable School, Lane High School

And so we were in a restaurant having a hamburger and we were sitting at a counter.  And his first name was Ben, and I can’t remember his last name.  And the waitress came and talked to me and took my order, and he was sitting next to me and she never looked at him.  And she started to walk away and I said, “Wait he needs to order.”  And she said, “What do you want?”  And so he ordered what he wanted and we ate.  And when we finished eating, I saw her throw his plate and silverware in the trash can.  And mine went in the thing they bus the table with.  And that tells you everything you need to know right there.  And that was to me, I said, “God Ben, I can’t believe it.”  And he says, “I’m used to it.”  You know, so I know that’s why I say the Black experience is so different.  And you gotta see something like that to realize what an idiot was standing in front of us, serving us.  That’s a person, you can’t ever change somebody like that.  There’s just nothing you can do.  You could give her an organ and she probably wouldn’t take it, you know?