Donald Byers

Donald Byers

Jackson P. Burley High School

George Gilliam: Did you suffer at all because of being Black?

Donald Byers: Not suffer, I got along real good with the officers that worked.  In my life, I’ve always been, what I call, a people’s person.  I’ve always been able to get along with people regardless because it was, I guess you know, that that’s just the way my personality was.  I wasn’t a a softy, but I was just a people’s person and which -- and so I didn’t have a problem with -- I had some problems with some of the people that I ran across in the Albemarle County, some people that I had to arrest or serve papers on.

George Gilliam: They didn’t greet you with loving arms?

Donald Byers: Oh no, no, not...  I had one, a person I had under arrest once, had him in the magistrate’s office, and he spit in my face.  I had another one that I was -- arrested, and he call me the n-word, so I had some run-in.  But I also, I can say it -- not a whole lot, but I did experience some of that, right.