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Robert King

Jefferson Elementary School, Venable Elementary School, Lane High School

Robert King: And Belmont, the thing was do not be caught in Belmont after dark.  

Phyllis Leffler: We’ve heard that.

Robert King: Do not be caught in Lee Park after dark.  So therefore, I, my first time I had ever put a foot in Lee Park was, it was during this early period.  They wanted to get rid of this statue first very early on and we got on a Charlottesville jaunt bus, or a jaunt bus, and we took a tour of all the different locations in the city.  And Lee Park was one of them.  And I stepped off the bus into Lee Park for the first time in probably 19, 2015, something like that.  Twenty-fifteen.

Phyllis Leffler: The first time you were in Lee Park?  

Robert King: First time ever.  That I would allow myself to go into the park.

Phyllis Leffler: And was that because you would have felt intimidated or angry about the —

Robert King: Intimidated, angry about the fact that that was a place that, which was right across the street from the library that we couldn’t go.  We were told not to be there.  The nativity scene that was there every year, I never walked up to it.  Just looked at it, viewed it from the street.  So I mean, that’s just hands on view of looking at what Lee Park was doing to people.