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Tom Stargell

Scottsville School

Tom Stargell: Nothing.  Not a hint, nothing.  That was all the way up to — well, I think that article is May 17th.  I mean, it closed down June 10th, and on the day before May 17th, nope, not a person in that school had any inkling whatsoever that it was going to close.

George Gilliam: Wow.

Tom Stargell: None.  I mean, it could’ve been some sort of parent, but it would’ve been a select few.  I’m talking a handful on that, but not a soul that I went to school with.  It happened out of the blue.  It was a beautiful day in May and we were in class, and we got called to the auditorium, and Dr. Moody, the school board representative, was there, and I give you my word, I don’t know of a soul that had any inkling whatsoever there was anything other than some sort of generic assembly.  And we walked in there and sat down, and he made the announcement.  “Scottsville will not be a high school next year.”